Sunday, 29 August 2010

What trip to Sydney would be complete without a quick look at our famous Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge landmarks?They really do look quite special in the real thing, so I hope these photos will do them justice.
More Sydney Opera House ... now that it's most definitely dark.
Then it was off to Chinatown for some dinner and the choices are endless, with menu touting staff trying very hard to convince you to dine at their establishment of course.
We both really enjoyed our Sate Chicken and Peking Steak.
Then a final bit of "Retail Therapy" at the "Oriental Joint" before going home to pack for the flight out on Sunday. We have lots and lots of catalogues, plus a few samples to squeeze in for the trip home. Good thing we brought an extra suitcase I feel.
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Friday, 27 August 2010

Now that the promotional products show is over, we got a chance to get "out and about" in Sydney today. We walked into the city and had a look at the view from the "Sydney Tower" formerly known as Centrepoint Tower.

Unfortunately, they seem to have built high rise buildings in between the Sydney Tower and the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, which trashes the view, but you can still see them.
I'm sure the Sydney Tower used to be considered very high in the scheme of things, but does get dwarfed on today's standards of building heights.
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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Well, the Australian Promotional Expo is officially over and my legs and back are very pleased to hear it, I don't mind telling you ... but it was all worth it. We've made some important first contacts with some suppliers that we genuinely feel will add some excellent new products to our already wide range of promotional product offerings.

As we couldn't take photographs from inside the show, we thought we'd give you a "Bird's Eye" view of Darling Harbour, where the expo was held.

Once the sun started disappearing over the horizon and the lights began to glow around the Harbour, it really comes to life. I didn't have my SLR with me either today, so all of today's photographs are taken with my trusty compact, the Canon G11 ... and some with the add on Fish Eye Lens ... just to help get everything in.

Darling Harbour and the Cockle Bay Wharf really is quite visually spectacular at night and well worth a visit when you're next in Sydney. Both sides of the Harbour are lined with Restaurant after Restaurant, catering to absolutely ever taste.

We've added more photographs to our Picasa Web Album too, so please have a quick look.
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Back To The Promo Expo Today!

We're off to the Promo Expo again today, with so many suppliers and products to choose from, this is genuinely a tougher job than it looks.

We will have an exciting range of new branded mats available soon that are absolutely awesome in quality, so stay tuned for that addition to the web site in coming months.

That's enough chatter for now ... work to do!
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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

After a truly Sardine Experience, flying "Cattle Class" with our dear friends at Qantas, we've arrived and I've finally managed to remove the arm rests which were embedded in my hips for the last couple of hours on the plane. Frightfully comfortable ... NOT!

We've had our first glimpse of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, even before touching down and Sydney has turned on the weather for us which is just perfect. Clear blue skies, 10-20 deg C and believe it for not, we even got a nice Cab Driver who spoke excellent English. So, we're obviously off to a good start already.

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Saturday, 21 August 2010

We're Off To The Promo Expo !

We don't get a chance to get out of the office much these days, so even though this is a working trip for us, it is a great opportunity for us to get out of the office, even if only for a week. We also get a day off next weekend to relax after what we're sure will be a couple of very long days on our feet at the exhibition.

There are over 150 Exhibitors at the Australian Promotional Expo 2010, which is being held at the Sydney Exhibition Centre Darling Harbour and basically, we're going shopping for you. We're looking for new products and suppliers, offering new and exciting promotinal products to help widen our range and help you promote your business better.

So, if you'd like us to keep our eyes open for anything in particular, or you have a specific promotion coming up, please send us an email letting us know either what your intended market is, or what the specific product you have in mind is, plus a rough idea of the quantity you would need and a budget of how much per item or in total, so we know where to look for you.

Try and keep in mind that promotional products vary in price from just cents each to hundreds of dollars per unit and if you want us to look for something for you, we need to know where to look and who to talk to, so without things like estimated quantities required and the amount you're prepared to spend, we just won't know where to start. Almost all promotional products have minimum order quantities (MOQ) and most suppliers have set-up costs and decoration costs too, so there's no point in us spending time with a supplier who has a minimum order quantity of 1,000 items, if you only need 100 for your next promotion. Help us help you.

We have a couple of supplier meetings in the lead up to the show and the show is on Wednesday and Thursday, so we've allowed the Friday to follow up any suppliers if we need to, otherwise, we might be lucky enough to be able to have a day off. we'll be back on deck for business as usual on Monday 30th August 2010.

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