Monday, 20 June 2011

We're Taking A Break . . . to finish our honeymoon!

When Kathy and I got married back in 2006, we had grand plans of seeing the North and South Islands of New Zealand in the three weeks we'd allowed for our Honeymoon, but it became very obvious after only a couple of days, that New Zealand was just too beautiful to rush.
So, as we'd landed in Auckland and started in the North Island, we promised ourselves that we'd finish our honeymoon on the South Island within five years ... and that five years is up on the 6th of August.  So, never one to break a promise, we do hope you'll indulge us and let us slip away for a few weeks uninterrupted.

iDStyle will be closing to finish our Honeymoon from close of business on Tuesday 12th July until Monday 8th August 2011.
So, now is the time to check your stationery stocks and if you do need any supplies before we close on the evening of Tuesday 12th July, please make sure you ORDER NOW.  Last orders before we leave must be placed by Friday 8th July 2011 and please note that some orders placed this close to our departure date will not be able to be delivered before our return on 8th August, but don't worry, we'll send them out as soon as we get back.

For those of you interested in seeing what we're up to, we'll be attempting to post updates and photos on our BLOG, PICASA WEB ALBUMS and FACEBOOK PAGE when time and internet connections permit.

Warmest Regards ...
Darren Gardiner

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Honeymoon Photos from 2006

As we're off to New Zealand again next month to finish our honeymoon, I thought I should post the photos from our first fisit, when we spent our honeymoon in the North Island of New Zealand.  So, if you're interested in see the photos from our trip, please visit our picasa web album for our 2006 Honeymoon.

See all the honeymoon photos in our Picasa Web Albums at:

Thanks for visiting our Blog.
Darren Gardiner